Growth Mindset Activities You Can Use Now to Help Students Today

“We can do hard things.”

This quote echoes through our home pretty often, and it’s one that I have to say to myself a lot, too. (7am faculty meetings, anyone?!)

The truth is that life is tough. And the students in whom we are so heavily invested are also navigating their own share of hard things. From bullying and friendship struggles to family problems and exposure to drugs, our students are facing lots of decisions that make life complicated and difficult.

One of the most significant ways we can empower our students to face hard things in life is by equipping them with a growth mindset. Helping them see the positive potential in a situation, to push through frustrating circumstances knowing that there’s something better on the other side, these are life skills that our students can employ for the rest of their lives. And the good news is, one can do this every day in the classroom!

There’s a lot to be said for teaching content in engaging and inspiring ways. And I’m in awe when I peek in on classrooms where teachers like you are consistently motivating even the most checked-out students and leaning into all of the challenges that being an educator brings. Whether you’re a counselor or a kindergarten teacher or anywhere in between, educating students in our world today ain’t for the faint of heart.

No matter what life throws at us, we can face it and allow it to shape and mold us into better people. This is a heart posture that many people lack because they haven’t learned to embrace all of life – the highs, the lows, and the in betweens – and learn from it. As you embolden your students to this truth, their hearts and minds are sure to awaken in ways you might not have thought possible.

 If you’re like me and want to promote a growth mindset in your students without sacrificing a lot of instructional time, I’ve put together some resources that will enable you to address this critical life skill in a time-efficient and no-prep way. From games and a scavenger hunt to crafts and class presentations, you’ll be set with my Growth Mindset Mega Bundle. With all of these activities at your fingertips, you can help your students shift from a fixed to a growth mindset all year long. And you’ll also rest easy knowing that you’ve also helped them make a change that will impact their lives in the years to come.

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