4 Ways to Arm Students Against Rumors

Turning away from a juicy bit of gossip can be difficult.  Even as adults, the temptation can be very real. However,  stopping a rumor in its tracks is always the right thing to do.  We need to prepare our students to properly react to rumors before they start drama in the classroom.

What is a rumor?

First, define gossip.  It's not always easy for students to recognize that they are participating in a rumor.  There are many definitions out there, but the main point of a rumor is that somebody is sharing information about someone who is not around to defend themselves.  Try this powerpoint presentation.

Why is it hurtful?

Let students know how easily facts get twisted around by the time they have been through several conversations. Also, people will say that they know something is true even when they don't. 

Four Gossip Tips for Your Students 



Use restraint and don't be tempted to spread a rumor.



The art of distraction is very powerful. Tell a joke or a story to take the attention away from the rumor.


Be Honest

Tell the messenger that you don't want to discuss something about somebody who is not there because you feel like it is the wrong thing to do.  Let them know that gossip can hurt friendships and you don't want to be a part of it.



Smile and don't respond verbally. Walk away and pretend to have other things to do.

Craft about it!

If you are looking for something to do with your students while presenting this material, try this fan that doubles as a tip sheet.  Drama Llama Presentation and Craft