Back to School Stress Free Activity

Thinking back to my classroom teaching days, I remember the first day of school being very hectic.  With students bringing in supplies that need labeling and desks to be organized, it was a daunting task to keep order.  Students need an engaging activity that will keep them calm and focused.  They also need to get to know each other and establish a welcoming classroom community.  I created this banner for counselors but also keeping teachers in mind who are looking for a first week of school craft to help them keep their sanity.

I've tried some of those exciting bonding games like throwing wadded up paper across the room with tidbits of student info written on them.  Those games do have their place, just not for me on the very first day or two of school.  A calming tone needs to be established from the start.  That's why I've decided to kick off this year with a self-calming activity to keep everyone calm and stress-free.  Click to see more.

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