Friend or Frenemy

The line between friend and frenemy can be hard to clearly define.  Teens and tweens need to educate themselves on how to spot a toxic friendship and how to identify healthy relationships.
Without fail, my office is flooded every year with reports of mean girls and friendships gone wrong.  This behavior begins in elementary school and continues well into middle school.  I created a small group friendship lesson that educates girls on how to self assess their own behaviors, evaluate their friendships, and begin healing or moving away from some of those relationships.
Using a "friendship scale," girls begin to see that everyone can move back and forth along the spectrum of healthy and unhealthy behaviors.  The idea is to recognize that and move towards the healthy side.
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Once they see that friendship skills are on a continuum, they realize that they have room for improvement.  I encourage girls to work on their friendships before burning bridges with friends.  If an attempt is not made by the other friend, then it is time to move on and seek friends who are willing to put in the effort stay healthy and happy.  

Sample practice sheet from the "Friend or Frenemy" group counseling lesson on TPT.  

 Learning how to spot toxic relationships with friends is an important stepping stone of development. These are skills that will be used as they get older and begin to have romantic relationships.

Friendship Lessons:

Drama is draining.  Girls begin to realize that friendship doesn't have to be hard.  It should be easy and care-free, without fear of "messing up."

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