Back to School Counseling Resource

I'm giving a big, huge, colossal, tremendous shout out to my friend Rebecca from Counselor Up for creating this free ebook for counselors!  She spent weeks collecting amazing and free resources for counselors and putting them together in this downloadable file on TPT.   I am seriously going to Office Depot today to buy an external hard drive to keep all of the files that I have downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers this summer alone.

On another note, tonight is the first official "school night" for this counselor.  I'm excited and also a bit sad to say farewell to the summer and to sleeping late.  Time to start remembering what day it is and looking at my planner every day to make sure I don't forget something.  Time to start wearing real clothes again (no more pj's until noon -- Who am I kidding -- no more pajamas ALL DAY) and getting into a routine.  At least I have this book to pump me up for a fresh new year!

For those of you who still have summer days ahead of you, make them count!

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