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I recently stumbled upon an amazing motivational speaker for teens.   His message is so real and on point. Josh Shipp has been called the "Dr. Phil for Teens" and "The Teen Whisperer." I would compare him to Kid President in some ways.  He has an empowering message for tweens and teens today. One of his major premises about life is that it's not all bad or all good. It's somewhere in between. Check out this video from YouTube. This is one of my favorite messages from him.

As a parent of a teenager and a school counselor of teens, I feel a lot of pressure to reach out to these kids and speak "their language."  Josh has really figured out how to relate to them in a way that parents and counselors cannot.  I am thankful to be able to share his message with my own children and the kiddos at my school.  Thanks for making my job just a little easier Mr. Shipp!

I see girl drama on a regular basis in my profession.  I created a "Friend or Frenemy" bundle with activities to help girls distinguish between true friends and frenemies.  (see samples below)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! This is a good message for all of us!