The Teacher's Lounge

The teacher's lounge can be a place of inspiration or bellyaching.  Typically, the climate of the school can be found in the lounge.  It's the heart of the school.

When I was a substitute teacher in the late 90's, I had the privilege of visiting many lounges.  One thing that I learned quickly was that you better ask before sitting just anywhere.  Some teachers have their own "spots" that they have been sitting in for years, maybe decades.  You don't want to end up in THAT spot.

The lounge has a different meaning to me now that I'm a counselor.  As a teacher, it was a place to vent, to exchange ideas, and hang out with my colleagues.  It was a sanctuary of respite even for a brief moment as we inhaled our lunches.  I was always appreciative of the little things brought in by the administrators to make it feel more like home, from the Principals old lounge chair in the corner, to the secretary's picture frames from her last home remodel on the walls.  But now that I'm a counselor, I spend very little time in there. However, I realize the potential of the lounge to remind teachers that they are appreciated. 

Earlier this year, we posted positive thought bubbles on the mirrors in the bathrooms.  As silly as it sounds, it's always nice to be reminded of our self worth.


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