Decorating a School Counselor's Office on a Budget

This year, my ultimate dream came true. I moved from a fourth grade teaching position to a middle school counseling job.  I am so excited!  The ideas are swirling around in my head giving me a fun headache.

I've been shopping for my office and wanted to share some of my photos.  I like to use a lot of colors and I rarely think of trying to make things match.  Most of the things that I buy are at least 50% off or from our local thrift shops.  I'm super thrifty (cheap).  

My top 5 places to buy goodies: 

1.  Hobby Lobby (use the 40% off online coupon!)
2.  Goodwill
3.  Garage Sales
4.  Office Depot/Max
5.  Target

The bubble gum machine has erasers in it instead of gum.  I bought most of them during the back-to-school teacher appreciation days when they were just one penny per pack.  The Hobby Lobby finds include the orange chevron table cloth, the mirror, chevron folders, and multiple motivational signs.  The pink chair came from Office Max during a huge sale.  The white chair, gumball machine, and lamp were goodwill finds.  I recently found white baskets at Target in the same "white tree" design as the chair.  I cannot wait to add those to the room.  

One of my favorite all time purchases, was a splurge.  No discount, no sale, BUT oh so cute.  I bought this burlap sign from Etsy.  The quality is so amazing and I will be buying more from her in the future.  Her shop is called "Iloveitdesigns."
Last, but not least, to stay ULTRA organized & in style, I just ordered the Erin Condren Lesson Planner in Paisley! (like the one pictured here) These are certainly an indulgence, but you have to look at it every single day, so it makes sense to spoil yourself in this department.  I have a $10 off coupon for any Erin Condren item for you if you want one too! Get your coupon here:  
or copy and paste this in your browser:

Or, if you want to save money and still have a super cute planner, you can try these:

UPDATE:  2/18/15
Now that half the year is over... my desk is no longer tidy.  I have yet to figure out how to keep my office clean.  There's even more junk UNDER the desk.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

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