Stomp Negative Thoughts!

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One thing that I have noticed as a teacher is that many kids these days are very hard on themselves.  They often dwell on the negative and completely ignore their positive attributes.  It is amazing how hard it can be to convince them that they are smart and fully capable learners.  I use quite a bit of positive reinforcement in my classroom.  I often ignore negative behaviors and overexaggerate positive behaviors.  This has been my preferred method of classroom management.

When I hear my students talk poorly about themselves, I make them repeat something positive about themselves.   I use wall signs in my classroom as a reminder to stay positive.  Once a student is convinced that they are a wonderful, talented individual, they perform so much better for me.  I use the following worksheet to help them visualize a positive thought.
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My Top 10 Favorite Positive Praise Phrases:
1.  Wow, you are really good at that!
2.  What?  Are you a genius?
3.  I LOVE how you did that.
4.  I KNEW you were brilliant!
5.  How did you learn how to do that so quickly?
6.  You are SO creative!  How did you think of that?
7.  I am so PROUD of you and your hard work.
8.  You are really going to be something special when you grow up!
9.  That is an EXCELLENT answer!  Are you sure you are only 10?
10.  Will you remember your teacher one day when you are famous?!!!!

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