Teacher Time Saver

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One of the biggest pet peeve's of many teachers is the infamous "no name" paper.  Tracking down the owner of these papers takes up valuable time that a teacher simply does not have.  My first four years of teaching was spent tweaking and re-tweaking my classroom procedures.  Although, students interrupting class to sharpen their pencils was high on my list of bothersome distractions to my teaching, ranked even higher was the time spent tracking down "no namers."  This year, I stumbled upon my ultimate time saver on Pinterest.  It has worked so well, that I rarely run across a paper without a name anymore.  

First of all, who doesn't love a highlighter?  My students absolutely jump at the chance to use their highlighters.  (as do many teachers  --- I know I do.)  Even though we are well into the second semester of school, the kids are still joyfully highlighting their names before turning in their work. 


  1. I can't stand guessing whose paper because a kid couldn't put a name on it. I believe we were at Riverdale together some time ago. Great job with the TPT store. You're way up there in Tennessee!


  2. Yes, I think that was around 2007. :D Glad to see you online!