Teacher Evaluation Stress - Laugh or Cry?!

Teacher evaluations are not what they used to be.  I remember just a few short years ago when we didn't get all terrified over the thought of an administrator evaluating our performance.   We were confident and prepared.  We had faith that our administrators were fully capable of spotting a good teacher when they saw one.  But this new evaluation system has made everyone crazy.  We have administrators who are no longer allowed to use their own expertise to evaluate our efforts.  We have veteran teachers crying for no reason and seeing therapists for the first time.  Our faculty is more medicated than a psych ward.  It's not because we are afraid that we are not worthy.  It's because the number of indicators that are expected of us in a lesson are insurmountable.  If we hit all those indicators in every lesson, every day, we'd never leave school and we'd never sleep for that matter!  Teachers (at least the ones that I know and love) are, by nature, perfectionists.  We want to be the best that we can be.  This new evaluation system is causing us to set unrealistic expectations of ourselves.  Therefore, we feel like failures and continue to try to live up to something that is physically and mentally impossible.  Some of us work endless hours trying to perfect this new system.  Others give up completely and becoming hopeless and unsatisfied with their once dream career.  Many of us are holding on, merely surviving, hoping for winds of change to blow as they seem to do every few years in education.  If ever teachers needed prayer in school, this would be the time.  Please take a moment of your time to pray for our nation's education system.
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  1. Teachers should be allowed to use the same system on all administrators PRIOR to any administrator stepping foot in a classroom to evaluate the TEACHER

  2. Well, that would be interesting, wouldn't it? :D